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Isometry Help -- Find/Replace Form

The search starts from the top of the file when Upper Grid is not focused. When Upper Grid is focused, the search starts from the cursor position in Upper Grid.


[Search Text]
This text is searched.

[Replace Text]
Searched Text is replaced with this text.


[Regular Expression]
Search Text and Replace Text are considered to be a regular expression. The behavior of a regular expression is based on .NET Framework Regular Expression. .NET Framework Regular Expression was developed in imitation of Perl 5. See

[Match Case]
When checked, upper cases and lower cases are considered to be different. When not checked, upper cases and lower cases are considered to be the same.

[Whole Word]
Search Text mathes only word(s), not a part of word(s).


[Before Current Segment]
Segments before the current segment are searched.

[Current Segment]
The current segment is searched.

[After Current Segment]
Segments after the current segment is searched.

Source is searched.

Target is searched.

[Until the End]
When checked, search is performed until the end of the file. The search does not resume from the top of the file. When not checked, search is performed for the whole file. The search goes on from the top of the file even if the search comes to the end of the file.

[Set the Range]
You can set the range for the search. You can confirm the segment number on the bottom of Isometry. If you open Find/Replace Form when multiple segments are selected in Upper or Lower Grid, [Set the Range] is checked, and values of [From Seg.] and [To Seg.] are automatically set for the selected segments.

Find and Replace

[Find Next]
Highlight the next match in Upper Grid.

Replace the highlighted text with Replace Text.

[Replace All Remained]
Replace all texts which are not yet searched and which match Search Text with Replace Text. The now highlighted text is also replaced.
When you start the search from a middle of the file and when you do not check [Until the End], do not forget that texts from the top of the file to the start position are not yet searched, so that these texts will also be replaced.

[Replace All]
Replace all texts which match Search Text with Replace Text.

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