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Isometry Help -- Detail Settings Form


Select the source language and the target language. The list is taken from Windows Culture List. So the list may not contain the language you are translating. Then select a language that fits the language most.


You can set colors and fonts. Fonts of Source Text Box and Target Text Box can be separately set.


[Japanese, English]
You can set whether words with different endings are considered to be equivalent. You can also set what Original Word means. This is used when registering terms by pressing [Enter] with [Ctrl], [Alt], and/or [Shift]. The behavior of term registration can be set in Shortcut Keys Settings Form.

Term Grid is sorted in an alphabetical order or occurrence order in source.

[Minimum Score for Replacing]
When using [Replace Target with Terms], replacing is performed only for terms with scores equivalent to or larger than Minimum Score for Replacing.


[Maximum Number of TM Search Results]
This determines the maximum number of TM in TM Grid.

When Weight is large, match text in Source or selected source text is considered to be important. In other words, the text length of TM becomes not so important.

[Minimum Matching Percentage]
This determines the minimum matching percentage for TM to be added in TM Grid.

[Perform Preliminary Search of TM]
When checked, Isometry performs preliminary TM search, a background search for segments other than the current segment. This enables a quick TM Search even with tens of thousands of TM. After completion, [Delete TM that is not Similar to any Source Segment] will be enabled. This will help you to decrease the time of TM search for a selected text .


[Heights of Grid Cells are Automatically Adjusted for All the Contents to be Displayed]
When checked, the heights of all grid cells are adjusted. This takes time. It takes time mainly at the start for Upper Grid and Lower Grid. And other grids takes time every time the contents changed.
When you use Find/Replace Form, the found text is highlighted in Upper Grid. If the cell does not show all the contents, the highlighted text cannot be seen. If you think this is inconvenient, check [Upper Grid].


When reading a source file, segments are divied after these characters. Input characters without spaces.


You can set Intervals for autosave. When 0, autosave will not be performed.

Web Search

You can set web address for web search. When the page is Google in English, a hit count result is automatically extracted in Web Search Grid.

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