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Isometry Online Help Workflow

Create Project File

First, create project file. Click [Reference] Button at the right of New File Name. The, Save File Dialog Box will appear. Input an appropriate file name.You have to input, not select.
Next, read Source File.The only readable file type is Text (*.txt).Isometry cannot read a file with Word type. Remember, the text file must be encoded in Unicode (UTF-8).
If you want to read a file with a translation type, that is, Source and Target, check Translation Check Box.The translation type must be a tab-separated file. In other words, [Source][TAB][Target]. A file with lines consisting of [Source][TAB][Target][TAB][Note], or [Source][TAB][Target][TAB][Note][TAB][Score] can also be read.

You can read Terminology and Translation Memory (TM) files with a separator TAB.

[Source]	[Target]	[Note]	[Score]
Note and Score can be omitted. For example,
サッカー	soccer
テニス	tennis
卓球	table tennis	[teibl tenis]
バスケット	basketball	5人対5人の競技	80

There is a tab between Source Word and Target Word.
If Score is nothing or Score is 0, the Score will be a number that you input at the New Project Creating Form.

Do not input 100 at Score. Because Score of terms added while you translate will be 100.

Set Languages

Select [Settings]-[Detail Settings]-[Languages], and select languages of Source and Target.


Let's move on to the translation. Terms included in Source will appear in Term Grid. Header Cell contains a number which can be used by pushing [Ctrl] + Number in a ten-key numeric pad to enter the Target Word of the term. When the number is over 9, you can press [Ctrl+Decimal] to increase the number by 10. The backcolor of the term in Target will change if Target contains Target Word. The backcolor of Term Grid will also has the same color, and the fore color will become black. Terms not contained in Target will have a fore color of red in Term Grid.

When you input a term not contained in the Terminology, select the words in Source and Target, and press [Enter]. Then, it will be registered in Terminology. The new term is assumed to be in the file called "New Terms".

When you finish translation in one segment, move to the next line by pressing [Ctrl + N]. [Ctrl + M] means going back to the previous segment. When you want to move to another segment, right click at Upper or Lower Grid, and select "Move to This Segment".

Translation Memory shows self-search in dense orange and TM-search in pale orange. If it is self-search, the segment is shown in Lower Grid. You can see the context of the segment. You can set whether search TM when the segment changes, and whether search segments after the current segment in TM menu.

When you want to search TM for a part of Source, select the text and press [F5].

There is a web browser right below for web search using such as Google. Input words on Web Search Grid above, and the words are searched automatically and the hit count will be extracted into Web Search Grid. Or you can web search by pressing [Ctrl + R]. When both the Source text and the Target text are selected, then the selected texts in Source and Target will be searched and the AND search of the both will be done.

Some want to translate by replacing Source. You can copy Source to Text by [Ctrl + 8], and [Ctrl + 9] replaces text with Terms. The order of replacement is the descending order of the length of the Source Word.
When there is a term not replaced, but you want to register the term, then you can register the term by overwriting. Select the word you want to register and overwrite. Then click [Enter]. The term will be registered. But this funciton is in development. Sometimes this does not work now.


Whenever you notice a bug or a point for improvement, let me know by using the mailing list. Don't forget writing Isometry Version and Windows Version, for they are helpful to point out the bug.
Thank you for using this software.

Toshiya Kazuyoshi

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